Tour de France 
The offer:  Stream all stages of the Tour de France with no commercials.                            The idea:  "They don't stop for commercials, why should you."
“Family Guy” and Polaner All Fruit
When “Family Guy” poked fun at Polaner's classic “would you please pass the jelly?”            the brand hired me to poke back. “Jelly Bombs” flooded Facebook and Twitter on the night of the broadcast. Nobody’s feelings were hurt. Two-minute case study. Stick with it. It's funny.
Healthy Ha! for Healthy Harvest pasta

A simple insight drives this campaign for Ronzoni Healthy Harvest from Millennium Communications.  Laughter, like a diet with whole grains, helps you live longer. Banner ads invite people into a microsite. A content rich Facebook application underscores a universal truth. People like to share laughter.

I licensed a series of cartoons from the archives of the New Yorker for the campaign. Within 10 days of the Facebook launch, the number of friends grew five-fold.
I reached into the New Yorker archives and licensed a bunch of cartoons about pasta and aging.
Facebook campaign encourages people to write captions and share cartoons.  "Lighten up, you'll live longer"
Banners invite people to have a laugh and get a $1.00 coupon.

Prince Spaghetti
Millennium Communications asked me to honor an iconic TV spot's anniversary with social media.
In the late 1960’s, Prince Spaghetti introduced Anthony in a TV commercial. In the spot, Anthony’s mother leaned out of her apartment window and yelled, “Anthony!” The camera followed the hungry 9-year old as he sprinted through the streets of the North End to get home in time for dinner. After all, it was Wednesday, Prince Spaghetti day.
So I created a series of “time machine” FB posts. Time machines are always cool.

D'Addario Guitar Strings
This campaign electrified the D'Addario fan base by getting into the heads of aspiring guitar gods and goddesses.  It landed in social feeds. Boom went the traffic! 

"Hey Murphy, would you like to create an Instagram ad for Patron."                                           "K"
I even threw in a new slogan, "Earth born, hand made."

Walt Disney World
I've created plenty of film/video for long-running campaigns. But sometimes, a big client needs a social video in two days using existing assets.  
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